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    Healthcare marketing

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    I need to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan for a product for an organization, such as Physical Therapy Department for Kaiser or something like orthodontia for a family dental clinic. The topic must be well researched, compelling, with data that is visually appealing.

    The scenario for the final presentation/plan will be a boardroom setting. Your plan will be provided to the executive management team for review and approval.

    I will not plagiarize. I just need an example as I've never done this before and need to know what I'm doing!

    What I have in mind is the following: Let's say that a growing pediatric firm recently hired a dentist who is a certified orthodontist and they want to start marketing orthodontia services. In the town, they have a big competition as there is a very popular orthodontist in town and that is were everyone seems to go. The target audience is going to be the parents of children, and teens, so not just small children. I'm thinking that hours of operation will be a point of significance, given the school hours and that parents have to drive the kids for check up before or after work. This is just an idea, if you have something better, feel free to run it by me. I've attached the outline and the sample marketing plan that we got from our professor. He gave us an example from the real estate program. I'm in the healthcare program and need to apply it here.

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    Here you go. I have attached my example of a marketing plan, with an explanation (summary) of the main points below as well. Good luck!

    I think you have the right information attached to write final document. I followed the marketing plan outline, and then added additional sources and information. This is not a write up, but it will give enough information that the write up should be relatively easy to create.

    Monitoring marketing efforts can be done with either quantitative or qualitative research. Healthy Smiles could qualitatively measure their marketing efforts by performing an impact and communication ...

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    This detailed solution is a marketing plan for a pediatric orthodontics practice. It is well researched and includes APA references. Formatted copy attached.