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    Differences in Marketing in Bottled Water and Healthcare

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    Sarah Brown has worked as the marketing director for Cascade Springs Bottled Water for the past 5 years. Cascade Springs is a Portland, Ore. based bottled water distributor whose products are sold in grocery stores in the Northwest states of Oregon, Washington.

    Sarah is contemplating applying for a Director of Marketing position with a large healthcare provider in Portland. Sarah has never worked in the healthcare field before and she is unsure about the real differences between the way marketing works in her current industry and the way it works in the healthcare field. Based on your current knowledge of the healthcare field, what advice would you give Sarah about the differences between marketing in healthcare and marketing in other industries?

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    Marketing in healthcare industry is quite different from marketing in bottled water industry. Therefore, Sarah would need to develop potential knowledge of the basic marketing concepts of healthcare industry. Marketing techniques and philosophies generally do not work in the healthcare industry and this is reason why many of the marketing people from different industries face problem in healthcare marketing (Berkowitz & Hillestad, 2012). A unique approach and characteristic is being required for successful marketing carrier in healthcare industry.

    The major different that is seen in healthcare industry is the nature of demand. The demand for health services has limited elasticity and therefore, it becomes very difficult for marketing personnel to create demand of the healthcare products. Health diseases like heart attack, cancer are much unexpected to happen and have impact over small segment of population (Berkowitz, 2010). It further creates challenge for the marketers to anticipate requirements for making connection between demand and service.

    Apart from this, marketing campaign is also a challenge in healthcare industry for ...

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