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The influence of marketing on Alderfer's ERG Theory...

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The influence of marketing on Alderfer's ERG Theory...

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"Marketing seduces the views into making a productive contribution in life - granted, the end result benefits the community."

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The influence of marketing on Alderfer's ERG Theory

Alderfer's ERG theory of motivation provides interesting insight into why people are motivated to perform various tasks in life. This theory claims that individual needs are hierarchical, and the needs fall into three categories: Existence, Relatedness, Growth. This paper will examine how marketing forces plays a role in influencing all three needs.
The first need according to Alderfer is called Existence. This category relates to aspects such as food, water, salary and working conditions. A person strives to fulfill this need, and they are motivated to satisfy them.
Marketing plays an empirical role in assessing what these existence needs are. To illustrate this strong point, let's examine food needs of an American. The Americans long for foods such as McDonalds, fries, hamburgers... while in the past, they might have been satisfied with more conservative food choices. Why would this change occur? Because of advertising and marketing - the American have been trained to crave the heavily processed, fast food type of nourishment, because that is what marketers are ...

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