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    Sources for Demographic, Product, Market, Information for a beverage unit.

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    I am looking for as many websites as I can find that will be useful in gathering market information. I have been given a large assignment. I will be expected to create Marketing Information System Tables, and perform a multitude of other tasks. I am trying to find websites that will give me the type of information that I'm looking for, freely. I am not looking for websites that offer a decision making program, for purchase. In essence, I am to be running a mock-marketing firm. Since my client is a beverage unit, I need to find all possible marketing information applicable to my fictitious client. I need cites that will offer me statistics, data tables, (preferably graphs, and charts), trend info., demographic info., etc. I need to educate myself as much as possible on this subject so as to be better able to advise my clients in the ways they should proceed.

    Any/All help you can offer in the process of this self-education process would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, consideration, and courtesy.

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    You didnt really say what kind of beverage supplier is you fictitious client, so I didn't limit the researches to say, only beer, or only soft drinks. All of the following website contains free information for your references (either all free, or partly free).

    Statistics, data tables and trend info are available from some of the websites below, other than that, there are breaking news of the Beverage industry etc...


    Contains many useful information regarding the industry.

    Beverage Digest is the authoritative publication covering the non-alcoholic beverages industry.
    Some topics covered over the past year include:
    ? Major consolidation moves by Coke, PepsiCo and Cadbury.
    ? Executive moves at the major beverage companies.
    ? The rapid growth of bottled water and sports drinks.
    ? The ...

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    The solution provides a lengthy list of sources and cites for marketing information on the beverage industry. Included in the sources are listings for newsworthy events in the past year.