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    Impact of Uninsured Health Care Population

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    The organization selected is Presbyterian Hospital of Denton.

    Summarize the mission, structure, and current community position of the organization.
    The mission of the Presbyterian Hospital of Denton is to improve the health care in communities its serves and establish meaningful relationships with patients, families, physicians and employees. The Presbyterian Hospital of Denton has a positive attitude towards serving the community, achieve excellence in professions and serve, develop relationships of care and compassion, have integrity in its relationships and ameliorate the lot of its patients. Presbyterian Hospital of Denton wants to assume healthcare leadership in the region(Presbyterian Hospital of Denton 2008),.
    The structure: The Presbyterian Hospital of Denton is managed by a Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of Bill Patterson.. It has eleven members and the day to day management is vested with the CEO Stan Morton. The other top managers are The Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Financial Officer. There are three medical staff officers and ten nursing leaders in charge of different services. Eleven physicians form the physician leadership group.
    The Presbyterian Hospital of Denton is well positioned in the community, it is responsible for events like health education classes, workshops, free health screenings. and health fairs. The Presbyterian Hospital of Denton also takes help of 70 volunteers who assist patients and staff members. It occupies an important position in the community. Its opening was attended by more than 1,000 persons in 2005 and it threw open its doors to the community to tour the hospital. Since then there have been several events that have brought the hospital close to the student community. For instance, there have been skin cancer screening camps, prostrate cancer screening cams, opening of the center for women, opening of the neonatal intensive care unit, and charitable donations made.

    Define key historical impacts (political, economic and legislative impacts) upon the development of the health organization over the last five to ten years.
    The Presbyterian name was well known and respected in the area of Denton. There was an acute need for a community hospital that would have the latest facilities. Then a historic partnership between ...

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