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    Effects of Uninsured Population

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    Discuss the impacts of a large portion of the population being uninsured and how this affects the health care system. If this continues, how do you anticipate that the health care system will respond to it? What are the ethical issues and the practical ones?

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    Uninsured patients increase costs for everyone else in the healthcare system. The effect is the same as when taxpayer doesn't pay their taxes or when someone takes advantage of any government agency. We are all "takers" of the healthcare system, and we have to have just as many "givers" in order to maintain the health system. That is not to say there aren't cases when it is completely justified why someone is not insured. For example, someone who just lost their job, or worse yet, is homeless may not reasonably be able to do their part, at least for a period of time. Whether or not there are justifiable ...

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    This solution of 419 words discusses the effects of the uninsured population and how it affects the healthcare system with examples.