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    Conflict Management Methods and Purpose

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    Propive a paper with a minimum of 2 references on Conflict Management in APA Format.

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    Conflict Management

    Conflict management is becoming more and more necessary in the workplace. Different people with diverse backgrounds make it important to establish a conflict management program in every business with more than one or two employees. The most important aspects are to bring about working solutions to disagreements and changes and to make sure all voices within a business are heard equally and fairly.

    Most companies forget that employees value their work based on not only experience, but also what they bring into the company. This can be personality, abilities and talents, skills, and critical thinking. Some cultures pride themselves on the ability to critically think and solve problems. Individual differences are not the only issues for conflict management. Others include departmental conflict, management-worker conflict, change conflict, and external forces that create conflict. A good, stable, and working conflict management problem is the essential key to keep conflict from creating chaos, loss of time and money, and maintaining a solid workforce.

    Conflict management for business should include three parts; negotiation, mediation, and facilitation. A peer mediation or permanent mediator is especially important in companies with more than 15 workers. Mediation is a third party conflict resolution where the mediator guides the conflicting parties through the conflict and toward a solution. Peer mediators are volunteers that are trained to help others solve disputes while modeling conflict resolution. Peer mediators are ...

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