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    Performance Management and Rewards

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    Performance Management and Rewards
    Power and Politics
    Conflict and Negotiation
    Organizing for Performance

    List and answer the following questions

    1-What are the most important concepts you have learned?
    2-What would you recommend to your management (NYC Dept. of Education) based on these concepts?
    3-How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?
    4-What is the value added from these concepts, or what difference can these concepts make to your organization (NYC Dept. of Education)?
    5-Provide any additional relevant personal notes and observations

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    Performance Management and Rewards

    Answer 1

    There are various concepts of human resource management such as performance management and rewards, power and politics, conflict and negotiation and organizing for performance, which provide ample opportunities to the organizations for solving the dilemmas related with different HR policies. Performance management and rewards system provide knowledge about the analysis of the performance of the employees and about the strategies adopted to reward the capable employees. Power and politics also enable the owner of the organization to effectively utilize and administer power for the setting of behavioral norms. Conflict and negotiation concepts also provide knowledge about the skills used in the resolution of conflict and tactics used for attaining a positive favor in negotiations. Organizing for performance also provide knowledge on the matter of organizing the team or departments of employees for achieving the projected performance (Luthans, ...

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