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Rewards System and Employee Needs Assessment

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In devising an appropriate reward system, incorporting employee values and expectations is critical. Prepare a paper in which you address the following points:

a. What are the values and expectations of your employees?
b. Do those values and expectations fit within your organizaton's reward system?
c. How did you arrive at those conclusions?

Evaluate alternative reward systems in the context of employee needs. Select the best one and justify your shoice based on the employee' values and expectations.

APA style and references.

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Rewards System and Employee Needs Assessment

Rewards system is critical to the success of a business organization. A properly formulated reward system infuses the zeal to work in the employees. It is the most effective motivation tool. It helps in associating the employees with mission and goals of the organization. The reward system plays an important role in influencing employee behavior. An organization can bring in the technology, well formulated strategic plans, job description, elaborate training program but they don't work, until the employees are rewarded for their performance. A well thought and properly administered system motivates the employees to work harder and improve their performance. On the other hand, a poorly shelled out reward system can badly impact employees' morale, poor performance and high turnover (Harris & Hartman, 2001).

Values and Expectations of Employees

The employees have various expectations from their employees. In order to be effective, the organization should try to satisfy the employees' expectations and values. The core values of employee include honesty, fairness, integrity and trust. The employees' expectation from the organization includes various issues like compensation, rewards, trust etc. The employees expect that their salary should be at par with the industry levels. They expect their management to be cooperative and trustworthy.

They require an effective reward system in the organization. They want their skills and efforts to be recognized and properly rewarded. They expect their employers to be impartial while doling out rewards. They want a balanced, justified and equitable reward system that is free from any technical or human error. They want the management to consider various factors affecting the work while distributing the rewards. They expect the deserving candidates should be rewarded. The reward system should be timely and proper.

Reward Systems in the Organization

Rewards systems in an organization are ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1218 Words, APA References