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Methods of Conflict Resolution

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It is common for conflict to arise in the workplace, especially when there is a good deal of stress. Discuss what you believe to be the difference between competition and conflict. Talk about effective methods for dealing with conflict between people, with special attention to your own personal style of dealing with conflict. Discuss whether or not you use behaviors that may be uncomfortable to yourself or others.

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Methods of Conflict Resolution

When the individuals or the groups seek to achieve the same goals with same resources using different methods, it is termed as the competition. If there is a competition between the individuals, groups or between the organizations, they give best out of their performance. In other words, we can say that due to competition, people give their best performance as they want to be on the top in their field whether it is organization, politics, community affairs, sport, or any other field. Fair competition leads to new achievements in different fields and also helps in solving problems with outstanding efforts (Conflict Management, 2008).
Conflict is regarded as the disagreement or hostility between the individuals or groups in the organization. It arises because of incompatibility of two or more aspects of an element, which may be goals, interests, methods of working, or any other feature. When the activities of the individuals or the group interfere, conflict occurs in an organization. Conflict is the affective state of the individuals involved, such as stress, tension, hostility, anxiety, etc. When competition becomes unfair or bitter, it leads to conflict and due to this conflict; people give their worst performance (Prasad, 2007).
Methods for Dealing with Conflict between People
Conflicts between the individuals can be resolved with the help of the following ...

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