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Designing conflict management systems

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1. As a conflict management consultant, apply the concepts of whether, when, and how to use alternative dispute resolution to the organizational conflict on Penn State coach firing posting. How will you educate the stakeholders and all employees so the system is most effective? Explain how you will introduce the new system.

(Question 2 is not related to question 1)

2. Designing and implementing a conflict management system is not
Enough; it must be evaluated for effectiveness. Explain how you will evaluate its
effectiveness. How will you create support for the new system? How will you overcome resistance?

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Conflict Management Systems
The Penn State firing of coach Joe Paterno over reporting the incident of Jerry Sandusky and nothing being done about it has many things to be uncovered about the process of managing the conflict involved. The alternative dispute resolution involves "various techniques for resolving conflict outside of court using a neutral third party (EPA, 2012)." The following concepts need to be taken into consideration when trying to utilize ADR:
1) Analyzing whether the incident information is accurate or not.
Research needs to be done as to whether the incidents that occurred happened the way they are described presently. This incident at hand happened almost seven years ago. ...

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The solution designs conflict management systems. An evaluation for its effectiveness is determined.