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Designing conflict management systems

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Using Quadrant IV and the principles in action, apply these principles to the Penn state University coach firing. Consider the traps and pitfalls of a designer. How will you overcome these? Design a set of interview questions that will help you gather information for your design project.

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The expert designs conflict management systems. References are included to aid in the understanding of the question.

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Quadrant IV - Penn State Coach Firing
Quadrant IV is the escape Quadrant where activities are not urgent and not important. When people utilize the Quadrant way of thinking, Quadrant IV is just not important enough and people don't bother with the action they should be taking. The ideas of Quadrants are to be the programmer, write the program, and execute the program (Gray, 2012).
In the case of Penn State Coach firing, the situation was reported but not acted upon. Joe Paterno reported the incident of Jerry Sandusky, but nothing was acted on; however, Joe Paterno did not follow-up on what was ...

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