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Quality in Advertisements

What definition of quality (design,customer,technical) is implied by the following consumer advertisements?

a. Tiffany & Co. ad for timepieces entitled" The Business Gift." "It must honor the recipient. It must express your gratitude. It must reflect well upon you and your firm. It is packaged neatly, securely, elegantly. It arrives on time every time. It is an honest design. Original and timeless."

b. An ad for certified pre-owned Ford vehicles that describes how it has been quality checked by rigorous 115 point bumper to bumper inspection.

c. A Land Rover ad that states "Polished walnut and select leather combined with Electronic Air Suspension and a 460 watt, 12 speaker audio system make the best of even the worst conditions. As do permanent four wheel drive and four wheel drive Electronic Traction Control."

d. a Xerox ad that explains that its printer is three times faster than one produced by Hewlett Packard, with the caption "Xerox color printers excel all speed limits."

e. A Land's End ad that states, "The $68 down jacket that turns winter inside out", and explains how it is packed with goose down-the warmest insulation on Earth.

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Let's take a closer look. Paying attention to the wording of the advertisement helps to identify whether it a design, customer or technical focused in terms to quality. What is the advertisement talking about, is a good question to ask? Is it talking about the design of the product? Is is talking about some technical component of the product? Is it talking about benefits to the customer? Sometimes it implies more than one definition of quality.

Now, let's take a closer look.

1. Here is the problem I am having difficulty on and would like some help with: What definition of quality (design, ...

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Referring to the advertisements, this solution discuses the definition of quality (design, customer, technical) that is implied in the consumer advertisements.