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Business Ethics: Advertising in Schools

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1. Discuss the ethics of allowing advertising in schools. Is there an appropriate age in which advertising could be considered?
2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to advertising products within schools?
3. What other facts would you need to make a decision and how might your decision affect the stakeholders?
4. Discuss alternative marketing practices which could be ethical and help the schools to raise money.

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The answer to this problem explains the baneful effects of advertising in schools. The references related to the answer are also included.

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1. The ethics of advertising at school says that there is no age when advertising is unethical provided good standards of advertising are followed. When advertising at school, care should be taken that the information should be of use to children. For example, the advertisement may communicate the location of the store or the website where essential books and materials for education are available. Advertising at school can be ethical if the advertising is legal, honest, truthful, and decent. Advertising at school should follow all the laws, regulations, and rules relating to advertising to children. There are several issues covered by these law/rules/regulations that make advertising at school ethical. For example, the advertisers should refrain from creating unreasonable expectation about the product/service, and its performance. Let us consider another example, when advertising to children in schools the advertisements should not portray violence, hatred, or impatience. In general there is no appropriate cut off age for advertising. However, all advertising should follow legal requirements, exercise self-regulation, and be ...

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