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    Business Ethics Issues on Today's Business Environment

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    What is business ethics?

    Explain atleast three ethical issues within today's business enviroment that affect your community and organization?

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    Running Head: BUSINESS ETHICS

    Business Ethics & Ethical Issues in Business

    Business Ethics
    In simple terms, ethics can be described as the moral standard of individual or society or a business. In other words it can be explained as the standardized behavior of individuals. Therefore ethics can be described as the examination of the moral standards. It also analyzes that the application of these moral standards are reasonable or unreasonable for the life of individuals. In the current environment the business also have relationship with the ethics as ethics deals with morality i.e. what is right or what is wrong. The ethics in business exhibits that the economic ends of the business should be right and therefore moral. The ethics in business is also necessary as it is not only an economic organization but also includes political and social elements.
    In general term business ...

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    Business ethic issues on today's business environment is examined.