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    What you need to know about globalization.

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    You are a manager in a large, global manufacturing and services organization. You're trying to explain to your grandfather how different your job is from his. You both know how society has changed and and you want to explain how that has changed management.

    Write your thoughts on how management has changed with respect to one of the following areas:

    Organizational culture
    The outside environment
    Globalization (I choose this one)
    Corporate responsibility and ethics
    Society and trends

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    The increasing degree of globalization in today's business world, where more and more companies are exploring international territories and setting up offshore operations to obtain competitive and comparative advantage, has a manifold impact on today's modern management practices and have radically transformed the way managers conduct their activites.

    In today's competitive and global business environment, managers have become much more proactive and innovative as compared to traditional managers in order to quickly adapt and respond to changing market dynamics. Globalization has led to increased competition between companies worldwide, ...

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    This solution discusses the impact that increasing globalization has on today's modern management practices in 381 words.