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Globlization and quality

You mentioned globalization as both a threat and an opportunity. As one of the world's largest consumers, quality to the American customer is a big deal. We're not going to spend money for something when we know it isn't worth it. But what about developing nations and their consumers? Is the important thing here to provide the best quality possible or simply to provide? If there are few competitors because the location is so remote, do you invest as much on quality as you have in the past or concentrate more on simply getting the product there in the first place?

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Just like American consumers, the consumers in developing nations like India and China have also become quality conscious and much more demanding, thanks to increasing education, availability of information and increasing exposure to other developed economies. In other words, the spread of ...

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Globalization and quality are examined. The best way to spend money in developing nations are determined. The important thing for the best quality possible to provide opportunities are determined.