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Organizational effects of poor quality; factors of globalization affecting quality

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What is poor quality? What are some effects of poor quality? How do the effects of poor quality affect an organization?

What would the world be like without quality? What would be the impact on domestic and global markets?

Which factors of globalization are affecting quality? How might globalization affect your product or service and organization as it tries to achieve quality?

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Organizational effects of poor quality and the factors of globalization are examined.

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What is poor quality?

While quality is seen as something of high standards or excellence, poor quality refers to a product, service or something which has been compromised for what it was meant to achieve in its perfect state.

What are some effects of poor quality?

Some of the effects of poor quality are that products and services become substandard, not achieving their full potential as well as lacking in durability. Poor quality also has the effect in that it creates distrust in firms, products, individuals, etc due to the adverse effects of low quality.

How do the effects of poor quality affect an organization?

The effects of good quality affect an ...

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