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Total Quality Methods: definition and discussion

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What is TQ? What are some components of a TQ program? How would you implement a TQ program in an organization? Do you work for an organization that utilizes TQ principles? If so, explain how your organization uses them? If not, how could your organization utilize TQ principles? Can TQ principles be utilized by all organizations?

What is poor quality? What are some effects of poor quality? How do the effects of poor quality impact an organization? What is globalization? What factors of globalization are impacting quality? How can globalization impact your product/service and organization as it tries to achieve quality?

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Total Quality Methods

Total Quality

Total quality refers to the continuous improvement in the operations. This is used to ensure the total quality by following those tools and techniques which are necessary for avoiding any error or defect. This is the management philosophy, which is utilized for promoting effective operations in order to satisfy the customers (Total Quality Management, 2009).

Components of total quality program

There are various components of total quality program, which are used for completing the program effectively. Integrity, ethics, trust, teamwork, training, recognition, leadership and communication are the main components of the total quality program.

Implementation of TQ program

As total quality program is the method utilized for continuous improvement, so it is necessary to implement this program in the organization. In order to implement the total quality program, I will first define the consumer quality and value by analyzing the quality, price and speed. Secondly, I will analyze the existing reality of the organization, if the organization has successfully maintained its operational flexibility along with a track record of environment-friendly; it would be easy to implement the TQ program. I will also perform a management audit in order to assess the functioning of the organization. Finally, I will use action vehicles and mechanism, which are essential to implement the TQ ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 812 Words, APA References.