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Statistical Methods for Six Sigma

Consider Ford or any major company. Integrate the statistical concepts and six sigma principles and turn in your one page paper addressing the following questions :

1) Show you understanding of Control Charts.

2) Discuss how control chart can help this organization? Which chart would you use, R Chart, C Chart, X-bar Chart or other charts?

You are welcome to collect your own data to support your argument and assess cultural, international and/or global perspectives in business. You are welcome to use Six Sigma DMAIC project report template to analyze the control chart and quality issues you have analyzed.


1. Answer questions with clarity.

2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.

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C-Charts applicability for Ford Motors
The goal of Consumer Driven 6-Sigma initiative says, "The goal at Ford is to present customers with a vehicle with a 'Factory Fresh Look' no matter where in the world they are located."
When a vehicle is picked up at the dealer's showroom, customers expect t to be free of exterior finish defects and when they start using the vehicle customers expect it to be defect free at least for some period of time. It is a huge undertaking for the company to deliver defect-free vehicles even after they have been delivered thousands of miles by truck, rail, and ocean carrier to dealerships around the world. When vehicles arrive at the destination with exterior surface defects, an immediate action is required. But it would be misleading to classify ...

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