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    Utilizing Six Sigma Tools for Statistical Significance

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    Examples of Six Sigma Tools for Statistical Significance.

    Cite an example of your experience with applying Six Sigma tools for Statistical significance in the workplace. If you do not have an actual example, suggest a situation or context in which the tools would provide valuable quality improvement help. Use the classic questions of journalism: who, what, why, when, where, how?

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    A good example of a situation in which the Six Sigma tools for statistical significance in the workplace would provide valuable quality improvement help, is in increasing the quality of American automobiles. The goal in this situation would be the senior management of an automobile manufacturer, who would conduct a thorough analysis of the present operational procedures within the organization, in order to ascertain the things that the organization is doing well, and the things that can be improved upon in order to make more efficient and high-quality automobiles. First and foremost, these individuals would have to develop an accurate definition of ...