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Using Six Sigma for Testing Statistical Significance

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1. Integrate statistical concepts and six sigma principles in the surgical department.
2. Form a hypothesis about the surgical department by choosing the appropriate test to conduct the hypothesis testing.
3. Assess cultural, international, and or global persectives in surgical department business.

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This tutorial provides guidelines on integrating statistical concepts and using the six sigma principles for testing statistical significance.

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1. Integrate the statistical concepts and six sigma principles in surgical department.

The statistical concepts and Six Sigma principles will be integrated into surgical quality improvement wherein the objective is to improve surgeon waiting times and LOS after colon surgery. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of how hospitals utilize a surgeon's time and how effectively colon surgery patients are managed by the care process at one hospital will be the focus of this study. In reference to improving the quality of surgical care the Six Sigma methods applied will be appropriated under the DMAIC cycle, which represents defining the process, measuring the outcomes at each step, analyzing and improving these steps in the process, and applying control mechanisms to allow for continued measurement and improvement. In reference to the surgical quality within the surgical department, the process mapping conducted under the DMAIC identified significant deficiencies in the necessary steps required to successfully have a patient, anesthesia, OR staff, and surgeon in the room in a timely fashion. Some of the issues that were found in this surgical department with the preparation of patients that often resulted in delays were that a lack of surgeons were available and there was problems with the utilization process for the operating rooms.

The Six Sigma DMAIC cycle was able to ...

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