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Quality Management of a Company

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Pick any company, regardless of size, product or service, to which you can apply the principles of quality management. Describe the situation in the case and then apply appropriate principles of quality management, such as Total Quality Management or Six Sigma. At the very least the paper will include the following elements:

Application of Methods:
Apply the methods to the selected organization. They should be discussed in order. You will clearly define method. Explain whether it is being followed, ignored, or partially followed. Explain which fact shows you the situation. If a method is not being followed, you may make reasonable suggestions for how it might be successfully implemented, or explain why it should not be applied. If it is being followed, you will explain how it is being followed and whether or not it is working satisfactorily.

Problem Definition:
Select the most critical issue from your first analysis that needs to be resolved because it is not being followed. Give the most basic explanation possible. You should keep the problem statement simple and address the one (1) point that you think is the most significant.
Organization and Issues Descriptions:
Describe the organization and the issues that have contributed to the problem that you are addressing.

Outline an implementation process to increase the organization's compliance with methods that are not in compliance. Identify what you think should be done first, second, and so on and why you have selected that order.

Summarize what you think the "bottom line" results will be (aspects such as financial data, supplier relations, customer satisfaction, organizational behavior, productivity, and so forth) if your improvement plan were to be successfully implemented.

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Calingo, L. M. R., (1996) 'The evolution of strategic quality management', International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 13 (9), pp.19-37.

1. Due time is Friday morning;
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6. If any question is related to personal aspect, just use your own experience
7. Please remember that article analysis is still needed, but not the center of the task.

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