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    Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction

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    Think about the customer expectations for your current employer (or a company you are familiar with) and a different international organization in an industry or field where you might like to be employed.
    How well do the two organizations meet their customers' needs?
    To what extent are total quality processes employed?
    Do you feel that total quality processes affect customer satisfaction levels? If so, why? If not, why not?
    Is the successful implementation of total quality processes affected by whether or not a company is considered international? If so, why? If not, why not?

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    The company I work for makes plastic molded toys. The current expectations of customers are that the toys sold by my company adhere to the latest trends. The parents of the children want the toys to be current, safe, and well designed. One organization where I would like to be employed is Toyota Motor Company. The expectations of the customers of Toyota are that the cars should be well designed, should perform well, should be fuel efficient, and comply with highest international standards.

    Both the organizations meet their customer's needs. Toyota customers get competitively priced excellent cars that are fuel-efficient. Toyota cars are well designed and perform better than competitor's cars in most categories. My company customers' products are purchased only when they satisfy the customers' needs. Let me specify. If the toys of my company that are available at the retailers satisfy the needs of the customer or are in ...

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