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Total Quality Management

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In-depth analysis of the " Total quality management for Bank of america"describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to your organization/segment, and your plan for implementation.

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Total quality management is examined. The expert describes the techniques for the implication processes.

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Total Quality Management- Bank of America:

Total Quality Management is a technique that has been used in the banking industry as an approach of improving the quality of company services of the bank of America and its general performance. In the Bank of America, this has been achieved through the process of integrating all the quality functions of the bank processes. It is imperative that the Bank of America has in place quality control measures that will maintain the operations of the company in the long run giving the organization a secured future. The organization will hence hold the ability of meeting their set strategic goals which are inclusive of increasing the customer satisfaction rates, the attaining of their set strategic goals and the execution of quality systems to the rest of the global corporations (Hoffman, 2006).

Analysis of the Techniques:

In the Bank of America, the quality assurance techniques that are utilized are inclusive of the focus that has been given to the customer needs, the leadership techniques that are utilized in the organization, the level of involment of the personnel and other company publics, ...

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