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BUS 515 - TQM Applied

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Using the internet research a company with a substantial TQM effort under way.

From this research, discuss what the company you selected is doing in terms of TQM and make at least one recommendation for improvement.

Explain your rationale.

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TQM implementation at Tata Steel
Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach to long term success through improving quality, performance and customer satisfaction. TQM takes into account all quality measures used by the company such as quality control, quality design, quality improvement and quality assurance etc. We will discuss here How TATA Steel has implemented Total quality management in its system to gain long term success. It uses a systematic approach towards improving it quality and productivity while reducing its costs.
Tata Steel is world's seventh largest steel company, and it's the largest private sector steel company in India. Tata Steel had won the Deming Application Prize for its excellence in total quality management (TQM) in 2008; it was the only steel company in the world outside Japan to bag the award. It has achieved distinctive performance improvements through the application of total quality management (TQM).
In 1980, Tata steel had introduced and initiated various quality activities in its system in order to improve its quality and customer satisfaction, These activities included quality circles, ISO certification, quality improvements using Juran methods, etc. In year 2005 it conducted TQM diagnosis the areas that needed ...

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The expert discusses what the company you selected is doing in terms of TQM. A recommendation to improve this is provided.