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Professor Jonas views on TQM Principles

Professor Jonas was discussing TQM with his accounting class. A student asked how TQM principles might be applied to a university setting. Jonas replied, "There is a great deal of debate among academics about the application of TQM principles to the classroom. Some members consider students to be consumers of education and treat them in this regard. Others view them as work-in-process, rather than as customers. This group believes potential employers are really the consumers of education, since they hire graduates based upon the knowledge and skills students accumulate during the collegiate experience."

A. Respond to Professor Jonas' comment.
B. Identify three more customers of a university. Indicate if they are internal or external.
C. Explain the types of decisions university administrators may face when implementing TQM principles.

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A. In response to Professor Jonas' comment, I would say that I do not agree. I believe that students are the consumer/customer of education. They are the ones that are actually purchasing the product. Employers do not usually enroll in courses, they may suggest it to employees and help them financially but they are not the entity engaging in the "sale". However, if we were to ...

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The solution examines Professor Jonas views on TQM principles. Three most customers of a university are identified and indicated if they are internal or external.