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    Literature - The Giver

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    Please help with the following questions. The help I need is shown at the end of each question.

    1. Explain why Jonas felt like an outcast in his own community? I need more information here and it should be written better, too.
    Jonas feels like an outcast because he is different than all of the other kids because he could see beyond. Another reason is because he was selected, not assigned to be the new Receiver of Memory.

    2. In the novel, The Giver, why is it important to the society that everyone be the same? Need help to explain this better.

    Sameness in the community means that life is "perfect," no cares, no worries. Everyone is the same and everything is equal. Everything is in order; everything is under control.

    3. Explain three moral dilemmas faced in the novel, The Giver. Really need some help here. I don't really understand what moral dilemmas are and need some examples from the novel.

    4. Find five examples of Figurative Language in the novel. Write the quote and explain how it is figurative language. I need help to ensure that I have identified the figurative language correctly.
    1. "I am so weighted with them (memories)." Idiom-words, phrases, and expressions that cannot be taken literally.
    2. "He could see them gather on the back of his hands, like cold wet fur." Hyperhole, an exaggeration this is so dramatic that no one would believe the statement is true.
    3. "The breathless glee that overwhelmed him." Idiom-words, phrases, and expressions that cannot be taken literally.
    4. "She called and fell to the ground grinning. Blam." Onomatopeia, uses words to describe, imitate a natural sound or by an object or an action.
    5. "He saw nothing ahead except the endless ribbon of road." Idiom-words, phrases, and expressions that cannot be taken literally.

    3. Give three examples of generosity for the novel, The Giver, and identify the chapter where it is found. I think I need help to give better examples.

    One example of generosity is when Jonas took Gabe with him when he left the community (Chapter 21). Another example of generosity is when Jonas left the community so everybody can have the same memories as he has (Chapter 22). Another example of generosity is when the Giver shared the good memories with Jonas.

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    Let me go through each of these areas one by one below:

    1. The question is to explain why Jonas felt like such an outcast within his own community. In life, as in fictional stories, individual characters can often feel out of place even within their own circle of friends. This typically occurs because they act different than the 'norm', or because they simply have different goals and ambitions, thoughts or beliefs, religious values, interests, etc. In the case of Jonas, many of those concepts apply, but are compounded by the reality that he had an ability to see things that other boys and girls could not, namely taking on all of the memories of the past. As this futuristic society assigns tasks to its members, Jonas did not have a choice but to become the Receiver of Memories. As a result, Jonas sees all of the good and the bad that each person in the community has gone through, and it impacts him a way that others simply cannot understand. When others cannot understand what we are going through, it makes us feel alone, and as an outcast within the very community that is designed to nurture us. In essence, Jonas has nobody to turn to who can help him deal with the impact that knowing all of these memories has caused upon his psyche. He alone must bear the pain. In fact, Jonas receives all of these memories from The Giver, which is a job that nobody else in the community has. This distances him from other people that would normally be in his 'in-group'. One other important point to note is that there is only one 'Receiver' in the community and the training for this position required Jonas to be separated from everyone for a period of time. This caused him to feel alone, and most likely afraid.

    2. The question is why, within the context of this particular novel, is it important to the society that everyone be the same.

    In a society where everyone is the same, there would be no prejudice or discrimination. It is a form of Utopia that has never really been achieved in modern civilization. Within such a society as that described in ...

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