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    Respite Care

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    Respite care is a form of short-term medical care for senior Americans that serves a very specific and important purpose. How would you describe the role of respite care? Where is it provided, and how is it funded? Would you personally utilize respite care for a senior family member? Why, or why not?

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    Respite care provides temporary care for patients, specifically in order to support their primary care-giver and give them a short break. In these situations, the primary care-giver is undertaking a large amount of responsibility for an individual who, if the primary care-giver was not willing to do this, would have to live in assisted living of some sort. In this way, primary care-givers are actually doing a large service to the healthcare system by not having these patients have to enter full-time care facilities. If respite care is not provided, the primary caregivers often become overwhelmed or ill themselves and then both they and the first patient must enter the ...

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