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Behaviorists who view learning as a response to a stimulus;

Cognitivists who see learning as a mental operation on sensory information; and

Constructivists who view learning as the result of mental constructs that we develop to make sense of our world.

Of these theories, identify one.
* Summary of the components of the theory
* Application of theory to your worksite or classroom
* Examples of how you teach students with special learning needs within the context of that theory
* Analyses of how technology could play a role within that theory and your experiences
* Citations of appropriate reference

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First of all, as you summarize the components of the theory of Constructivism, you might strongly suggest how this theory directly deals with students learning to make or "construct" their own meaning from skills, lessons, texts, and classroom teachings. This theory reiterates that the role for teachers is not just to drill students or lecture them; instead, teachers are agents or facilitators of change or students' learning as teachers use questioning, inquiry, and other forms to encourage students to grasp new concepts or skills. Students have more power and autonomy of their own learning. Does this make sense?

Similarly, you might add how research further shows that "the focus tends to shift from the teacher to the students. The classroom is no longer a place where the teacher ("expert") pours knowledge into passive students, who wait like empty vessels to be filled. In the constructivist model, the students are urged to be actively involved in their own process of learning. The teacher functions more as a facilitator who coaches, mediates, prompts, and helps students develop and assess their understanding, and thereby their learning. One of the teacher's biggest jobs becomes ASKING GOOD QUESTIONS" ...

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Constructivists are overviewed.