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    The Neo-Piagetian Theory

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    Please explain and elaborate some on the neo-piagetian theory. How is it unique to other information processing theories?

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    Piaget's original theory states that children progress through a sequence of developmental steps, advancing from simple to more complex levels of thought. Piaget believed these that these developmental steps were innately programmed in all children and that children must follow the steps in order. He also believed that children were not able to understand concepts that are beyond their level of development. For instance, because preoperational children cannot integrate information about height and width simultaneously, they are unable to recognize that water poured from a short, wide container into a tall, narrow container represents the same volume of water. Piaget proposed four main stages of cognitive development: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.

    Neo-Piagetian theorists agree with the basic core of Piaget's theory. They concur ...

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    This answer briefly explains what neo-piagetian theory is, and how it compares to Piaget's original theories. It also compares neo-piagetian theory to other theorists, such as Vygotsky and Chompsky. (Includes two references)