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Psychoanalytic and Neo-psychoanalytic Theories

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What are various psychoanalytic and neo-psychoanalytic research theories?

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This solution identifies several psychoanalytic and neo-psychoanalytic theories i.e. Attachment theories, etc., which are expanded on in the attached resources. The Attachment research situation is detailed. References are provided.

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Let's take a closer look at this theory, which is expanded in the attached article.

1. What are various psychoanalytic and neo-psychoanalytic research theories?


In terms of attachment styles, it depends on which one you and your son have. There is a normal and healthy attachment style (secure), but several attachment styles can lead to adjustment problems for the child (Avoidant, Ambivalent/Resistant and Disorganized), according to Bowlby's attachment theory (see attached article), which was research by Ainsworth.

For example, in the strange situation research, Ainsworth had a mother and child interacting in a room with a stranger present, and then observed how the child responds when the mother leaves but the stranger remains, and then how the mother and child respond upon return.

The following patterns were identified:

1 For the secure attachment style, the child uses caregiver as a secure base for ...

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