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The Role of Defense Mechanisms in Neo-Psychoanalytic

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How do defense mechanisms plays a role in Neo-Psychoanalytic?

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Freud's personality theory was mainly centered on the unconscious. According to Freud, the three components of personality were: a. the Id-contains our needs, drives, and fantasies. b. the Ego-contains realistic ideas and creates a bridge between the Id and the Superego in socially acceptable ways. c. the Superego-where the conscience lies. The Superego is constantly trying to keep the Id under control. In order to keep impulses under control, and regulate the Id and the Superego, the Ego develops certain defense mechanisms which include: a. Rationalization-whereby individuals avoid an attack on their self esteem by coming up with explanations for their unpleasant behavior or emotion. b. Repression-unconsciously hiding unpleasant/painful emotions. c. Denial-The inability to admit that there is a problem even when confronted with facts. d. ...

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Below is a discussion on two personality theories and their relations to defense mechanisms.