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Using theory to set up classrooms for learning

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What educational theories will assist teachers(k-12) in creating an effective efficient learning environment?

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The trick about educational theories is not to settle on just one as the end-all and be-all of truth. Each of the educational theories has some genuine merit, which is why that particular theory is included in a Philosophy of Education course, and why there are so many of them that ARE included is because none of them is complete in itself.

Human beings are incredibly complex creatures, and any parent of more than one child knows full well that what works for one child is often completely irrelevant and useless with the other one. This situation also happens in the classroom. One theory may explain 90% of your students in this year's group, but it will take another to describe the behavior of next year's group - and then there are the 10% in each group that are just "different." This ...

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Diacussion of learning thories and philosophies as a basis for classroom organization for learning. Examples are presented and explained.

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