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    No Child Left Behind Act of 200: Impact on Education and School Reform

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    Ever since No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, school reform has been at the forefront of affecting what happens directly in classrooms when it comes to instructional practices. Based on what you have learned so far in this course and others, what are several guiding principles that you feel would improve instruction in today's classrooms? Be sure to also provide justification for your selections.

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    I would first suggest that you begin your paper with an introductory paragraph, that will "introduce" your reader to the topic of the paper. Sometimes this is called a "thesis statement." Yours might read:

    The federal legislation known as "No Child Left Behind" has had a huge impact upon America's public schools ever since it was enacted in 2001. This treatise will discuss some ways this important legislation has changed the face of public education, and the impact it has made on instructional practices in the modern classroom. Suggestions for further improving classroom instruction will also be discussed.

    Next will come the body of your paper, where you will present your points, or arguments, and the reasons or evidence that support your point of view. If you are researching the answer, you will cite what you have learned, and cite your references, or where you learned the information from, in this part. I suggest at least three paragraphs, with at least three good arguments.

    School reform has included focusing education upon "best practices," or what educational research has shown gets the best ...

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    Discussion of the federal legislation No Child Left Behind Act of 2001's impact upon modern education, and suggestions for further school improvement in approximately 700 words.