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Social forces' impact on education

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How do social forces combine with philosophies of education to shape educational purposes?

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Social forces is a pretty broad term, and includes a lot of varied factors. Social forces can include such things as the impact of war (even the Cold War, which was not exactly an armed conflict, with its emphasis on the subjects of science and math) and the culture of a society (ours has changed during the post-war era, the Sixties and the Vietnam protest, the information age, and others) and such detrimental influences on society as drugs, the influx of immigrants and the break-up of the traditional nuclear family. The purpose of state-sponsored education is, of course, to create useful, productive, happy and satisfied citizens.

All of these varied "social forces" have impacted education, as well as the culture of education in America itself, ...

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Discussion of socitial forces that impact education, from war, to the disentegration of the nuclear family, among others. How these forces led to No Child Left Behind, and other educational reform.

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