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Environmental forces and social change

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Social change can take many forms, and can be initiated by many environmental forces. For example, the current ââ?¬Å"revolutionââ?¬Â? in social media and web 2.0 (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) was significantly initiated by technological advances in our environment.

What are four environmental forces that promote social change, providing examples to support your point with three scholarly references written within the last 5 years, including 1000 words.

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One place to consider is to think about the critical agents of socialization, which are family, friends (peers), school, work, and media. Choose four forces that you are comfortable with, pick things that you are strong in so you can do well. I'll outline four examples for you which are actually quite broad but these should give you an idea as to how to proceed. Your instructor did the same thing by noting technological advances and then they narrowed down the example to social media which can actually get a little narrower. You should do the same.

One are of change, which is one of the critical agents of socialization is education. One way in which this has changed is with the growth of credentialing and for-profit ...

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