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    Family and contemporary social forces, now and 2020

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    Identify three contemporary social forces that influence family stability. Imagine that you can see into the future to the year 2020. How do you think the impact of these three forces will be manifested by that time? What would need to change in society to alleviate the stresses that impinge on the family in 2020?

    Please provide APA format with in-text citations and references at least two (2).
    Must be at least 300 words.

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    Identify three contemporary social forces that influence family stability.

    Social media, media, and education. Each of these has the ability to impact the way people perceive and live their lives. Media reports are based on their view of current events. When, as is currently happening, different perspectives fighting for control of the public view on a 24-hour basis, the view of the world is skewed to the most popular. Different groups focus on different news agencies, and can bring different arguments which create tension within the society. Social media spreads news, rumors, and opinions thrown out like facts, quickly. This information transfer can influence opinions, be ...

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