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Opposition to the No Child Left Behind Act

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Does the No Child Left Behind Act negatively impact the learning process of students? Does the NCLB Act encourage teachers to teach to the test?

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This is a very good question! I always saw a lot of problems with the NCLB act and its negative process of student learning. I have three children who always were high achievers in school. In order to keep with the rest of the class, instead of being encouraged to excel they were held back just to stay equal with the rest of the group. This was such a sore spot with me that at one point I decided to home school them. This turned out to be the best decision that I could have ever made, because today they are really excelling academically. This alone goes against so ...

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This solution discusses whether or not the No Child Left Behind Act negatively impacts the learning process of students and how it impacts teachers' teaching style, based on the Expert's personal experiences and providing an alternative view to look at the No Child Left Behind Act from a different angle.

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