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Benchmarking and TQM

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This is a discussion of the question. The reference article is for the brief analysis, while typical article analysis is not applicable here, so please use it as supplementary material. Please do not to be confined to this article only, other conclusion and views are also important and necessary.

Use the article below to answer the following question.
1. What value does benchmarking have as an element in TQM performance measurement?
2. How would you go about benchmarking quality in your own industry or an industry you know well?

Note: A briefly article analysis is still needed, but this is not the center of task, please focus on the question itself, this is not a typical article analysis. The discussion should be broadened based on the article.

Van Schalkwyk, J. C. (1998) 'Techniques: total quality management and the performance measurement barrier', The TQM Magazine, 10 (2), pp. 124-131.

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This solution includes a discussion regarding the value of benchmarking as an element in TQM performance management including specific examples given by the Expert from the airline and education industries. It also includes a discussion of the challenges and down-sides of benchmarking in any industry. 709 words, 2 references.

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1. What value does benchmarking have as an element in TQM performance measurement?

Benchmarks are similar to milestones in that they are specific points in time or metrics throughout a project or endeavor that need to be completed or achieved in order to successfully complete the project or successfully implement a strategy. Benchmarks are also typically specific points that can be measured against other companies within the same industry. "Benchmarking is the process of determining who is the very best, who sets the standard, and what that standard is" (Resh, 2013, para 1). Once a company knows the standard they must achieve, all work is done to either meet or exceed that standard. Benchmarking is used in many industries such as manufacturing, design, construction and, more recently, in business strategy, including the area of quality improvement.

With quality, it is not enough to just measure the current quality metrics against prior years, but it must also be benchmarked against the level of quality other companies within the same industry are achieving. Quality, to the customer, is not about how much an item costs as much as it is related to how well it functions, satisfies a need or performs as is expected. Because of this, if another organization is supplying the customer with a higher quality product, it is important for the competing organizations to benchmark their TQM performance measurements to meet or exceed those same standards in order to remain competitive in ...

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