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    Strategic Plan Analysis - US Navy

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    Analyze the objectives, goals, vision, and mission of the US Navy. What is the relationship between quality and each of the following:

    - Management style in the US Navy in comparison to an organization with Total Quality Management

    - Characteristics of that organization's TQM style and those of the US Navy

    - How could the other organization's Total Quality Management practices be added to the US Navy?

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    A mission statement is the statement that explains what action a company will do in order to achieve the company's goals and mission. Considering the nature of a mission statement; therefore, a mission statement should be clear and concise and should avoid being verbose since it might lead to different implementation. However, the mission statement should clearly describe what will be done, by whom, for whom, and why (Answers Corporation, 2006).

    Mission/Vision of the Navy

    "The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas."

    The mission of Navy is concise and effective. But they need to attach the importance of quality to their mission, vision, objectives and goals. This is because for any organization, in order to survive competition in this fierce and dynamic business environment, it is necessary to constantly look out for opportunities to grow as well as reduce costs, which can be supported by Total Quality Management Process. It will not only help the company in creating products which meets the utmost standards in quality and provide ultimate customer satisfaction, which is the prima facie goal of TQM process, but also helps in improving company's bottom line profits by increasing operating efficiencies, eliminating wastages and creating a conducive environment for growth of the company. The employees get a healthy environment which maximizes their efficiencies and enable them to perform at their best levels. Therefore, the quality improvement process pushes the company from all angles in achieving its strategic goal and plans, in both the short term as well as the long term.

    a. Compare and contrast the management style at your organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.

    Quality focused management style:

    Regardless of which sector organization operates in, the ability of operations managers to fulfil those tasks is dependent on understanding that they have to make trade-offs. They cannot avoid working under constraints and in each situation there will be some things that they can do well and some they can do less well. Understanding their capabilities and constraints will facilitate current utilisation and provide inputs into strategic decision-making about future resources. They must improve the quality of every aspect of management whether it is Labor, material or machine. Following are the elements of style:

    1. People: Involvement of all the employees is an important principal. It can be accomplished by Teamwork, Training, Multi-skilling, Leadership development, giving more responsibility. It will help in creating amicable environment where all employees delight and potential will be improved.

    2. Process:
    The focus will be to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. It should also take care of customer delight. Problems will be solved through team through teamwork. Processes are designed with customer requirement in focus.

    3. Customer
    Its main area of focus is customer; all the activities are aimed at customer delight and not just satisfaction. In production processes for every process the customer is not only the final user but also the next process.

    This is different from the traditionally management style of Navy which focus on the getting the work done. Thus in the quality focused management style the customer or the user is the prime focus area which lead to the continuous improvement in the activities.

    b. Discuss the characteristics of the other organization's Total ...

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