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    Cross Cultural Awareness in Hospital Strategic Plans

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    Consider a SWOT and opportunity statement for a hospital. Even if your organization is a single local entity, you are affected by the global environment. Other implicit values include cross-cultural awareness and use of an ethical framework. How would you incorporate these themes into your strategic plan? Use concepts from Pfeffer and Sutton in your posts.

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    It is important to understand the impact of the global environment on the fundraising plan for Navy General. Consumers feel pulled in many ways by different causes. Recently, as the world becomes "more flat", there is an increased awareness of tragedies and causes happening outside of our own community. This impacts donations that previously would have been targeted for local causes. Concern over global warming, health and welfare crises in other countries and disasters in other countries impact local donations.
    Global economic conditions also impact donations. Should there be a recession overseas, Americans are more apt to donate warily, concerned that the recession may spread to the United States. The world is more interconnected than ever before, causing Americans to base spending and saving on a bigger picture than simply local need.
    There is also greater awareness of the needs ...

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