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    Strategic Plan Analysis

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    I want to Prepare a 1050-1400-word paper with sub-titles to evaluate an organization's mission, vision, goals, and objectives and discuss the relationship between quality and each of the following:
    a. Compare and contrast the management style at the organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.
    b. Discuss the characteristics of the other organization's Total Quality Management style and compare those characteristics with the organization.
    c. Discuss the extent to which the other organizations TQM practices could be integrated into your organization.
    Be sure to properly cite your references in the body as well as the end of the paper.

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    //Before starting the comparison of the organizations, the evaluation of the company's Vision, Mission and Goal will be done. Here, we will describe and evaluate the Vision, Mission and Goal of Volvo Cars. //

    Vision: The vision statement of company is a very essential statement. This statement is used for making the business planning. On the basis of Vision statement, an organization formulates its missions and organizational goals. Vision statement is prepared for the whole organization. It states ultimate goal of the organization. The vision statement states that what the company wants to do and what it wants to be. The vision statement of Volvo car signifies that the company wants to be most desirable and gets success in the premium car segment. Company desires to be the most successful brand among the premium car brands. This is only possible through Quality Management of the product. Through the good quality of product, any company can get an advantage over its competitors (Vision and Mission 2006).

    Mission: Every company prepares its mission statement. The Mission statement describes the fundamental purpose of the company. This statement answers the questions that why the company exists and in what product it will deal. So, providing such information is the basic factor of the mission statement. Through this statement, customers as well as investors can get an insight of the company. The Mission statement of the Volvo Car states that it wishes to make an exciting and safety car for its customers. The company believes in customer satisfaction and wants to provide a gentle experience to its customers (Vision and Mission 2006).

    Goal: Goals are mainly categorized in two types; long term goals and short term goals. Goals are determined on the basis of the mission statement. The goals are made to achieve the objectives stated in the mission statement. For the example, Volvo wants to sell its car to the premium customers with good profit. So, goal shows that for which segment of the customers the company will work and wants to serve. Company also focuses on the high profitability from customers than its competitors (Company Philosophy 2008). The goals of the company direct the lower management ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1396 words with references