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    Strategic Plan for Pfizer, Inc

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    In an effort to learn as much as possible about strategic planning, please complete a strategic plan for Pfizer, Inc. utilizing the outline below as a guide to prevent you from covering excessive material and taking up too much of your time.

    I'm looking for expert opinion and recommendations (in detail) that will advocate the adoption of a strategic plan to be presented to Pfizer, Inc.'s Board of Directors. The plan should follow the below outline:

    Strategic Plan Outline

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Company Background
    3. Vision Statement
    4. Mission Statement
    5. Values Statement
    6. Environmental Analysis
    a. Internal Environment
    b. External Environment
    7. Long Term Objectives
    8. Strategic Analysis and Choice
    9. Plan Goals and Implementation
    10. Financial Projections and Analysis
    11. Critical Success Factors
    12. Controls and Evaluation

    Please do not cut & paste instructions on "how-to" from various internet sites as a response, or copy from previous postings on Pfizer, Inc. I am looking for NEW perspective and recommendations from a true expert! Please provide detailed explanation and supporting facts.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

    6/26: Harsh, if you can not complete this posting, please release sign out ASAP. Thanks!
    6/28: Harsh, I would like to extend the other paper (Environmental Analysis) until tomorrow (6/29) at 7pm (Pacific Std. time). I tried to extend the time; however, the option is not available for me to adjust on the tracking section. Please confirm. Thanks!

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    Strategic Plan for Pfizer, Inc