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    Pfizer: Strategic Plan Alignment

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    I am requesting guidance in writing Pfizer Strategic Plan Alignment, including references. Please provide a response under each rubric item for easy understanding. Please do not copy-paste from websites unless necessary. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Include an analysis of your plan, examining the alignment between the values of the organization and:

    - Internal stakeholders' treatment by the leaders/management
    - Internal stakeholders' treatment of each other
    - External stakeholders' treatment by the organization
    - Short-term plans of the organization
    - Long-term plans of the organization

    With each of these, please provide relevant examples and good rationale and credible sources.

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    //Strategic plan alignment plays an important role in every organization. While writing this paper, we will be focusing on the company named Pfizer and we will talk about the importance of strategic alignment. To begin we will start with a short introduction of the company like this//

    Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, which is based in New York City with the number one position in sales worldwide. The headquarters of the company are in Groton which is situated in Connecticut. The company was founded in the year 1849. The number of employees that were recorded to be serving the organization in the year 2008 was 81,800. After receiving immense success in its field, Pfizer in the year 1950 established itself in many countries like Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Iran, Mexico, Panama, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc.

    For any organization to be effective and to carry out their goals and objectives in a proper manner it is essential that the plans and policies are communicated to all the members of the organization in an appropriate manner so that the department members come to know what they are required to do in the particular task.

    //The internal stakeholders are the vital elements of the organization. The effectiveness of the work of the internal stakeholders depends on the way they are being treated by the leaders and managers of the organization. The interaction among them is explained in the coming part//

    Internal stakeholders are the pillars of the organization. Without them the company cannot achieve its goals and objectives in an effective manner. The internal stakeholders comprises of employees, managers, staff and shareholders. The leaders and managers of the organization have to build a strong strategic objective so that the best goals and objectives could be derived. Pfizer is one of the largest healthcare industries and it has reached to this stage because of the good treatment done by the leaders and managers towards their internal stakeholders. To keep the employees satisfied, the organizational culture is set in such a way where the internal stakeholders can optimize their skills and knowledge and if they are having any kind of grievances then they can solve it with the management team. In addition to this, the company has best and outstanding HR experts which have high commitment in training and developing the employees. This helps in boosting the morale of the employees and in return giving their best to the organization ...