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Strategic Plans for Pfizer

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Can anyone please help me with locating information on Pfizer's on the following:

- Strategic Analysis and Choice

- Plan Goals and Implementation

- Financial Projections and Analysis

Thank you.

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Solution Summary

This solution provides information on Pfizer's in the following areas: strategic analysis and choice, plan goals and implementation as well as financial projections and analysis. Additional information is attached on the compnay, as well as many other links for consideration.

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Pfizer: Strategic Plan Alignment

I am requesting guidance in writing Pfizer Strategic Plan Alignment, including references. Please provide a response under each rubric item for easy understanding. Please do not copy-paste from websites unless necessary. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Include an analysis of your plan, examining the alignment between the values of the organization and:

- Internal stakeholders' treatment by the leaders/management
- Internal stakeholders' treatment of each other
- External stakeholders' treatment by the organization
- Short-term plans of the organization
- Long-term plans of the organization

With each of these, please provide relevant examples and good rationale and credible sources.

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