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Pfizer, Inc SWOTT

In an effort to strengthen my strategic plan for Pfizer, Inc., I am seeking expert SWOT & Situational Analysis in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, etc. for research already conducted on the organization. Please provide detailed explanation and supporting facts.

Please do not cut & paste instructions on "how-to" from various internet sites as a response, or copy from previous postings on Pfizer, Inc. I am looking for NEW perspective and recommendations from a true expert!

Thanks in advance.

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On strengths:

Pfizer has the ability to discover and develop new drugs. It is having a formidable capability of researching and widening its product base. That apart the capability and the presence of Pfizer in three segment that is Animal Health, Consumer Healthcare and Human Health. Its basic business strength lies in its presence in multiple arenas like the manufacture of bulk medicine chemicals, contract manufacture and even soft-gelatin capsules. Pfizer's strength in the animal health segment is the segment of parasites; Revolution the parasiticide for companion animals enjoys excellent brand equity. RespiSureOne/StellamuneOne, the vaccine against pneumonia in swine enjoys an excellent reputation in the market. In addition, the consumer health care products that are marketed by Pfizer for hair growth, eye medication, skin improvement, gastrointestinal balance, anti tobacco drugs, and oral care medications enjoy an excellent reputation in the market place. The most important strength of Pfizer lies in human medicine. Its medications that provide it a strong position in the market include medicne for endocrine disorder, allergies, eye diseases, uro genital condition, anti-infective drugs, including drugs for respiratory track infection, CNS diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Most importantly, the strength of the company lies in its team of 12,000 researchers who are able to keep the company ahead of its competitors.


On weaknesses:

Pfizer's weaknesses stem from misfired drugs. The most prominent has been the case of the Cox-2 inhibitors. There were skin problems with Bextra, but it took efforts by the FDA to pin it down and then Pfizer reluctantly took it off the market. Similarly, Pfizer had research reports that Celebrex increased heart problems, but it sat on the report and only when there was a public ...

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