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    Business Ethical Issues

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    O What is business ethics?
    o Explain at least three ethical issues within today's business environment that affect your community and organization.

    â?¢ Format consistent with APA guidelines and include at least 3 references.

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    What is business ethics? Explain at least three ethical issues within todays
    business environment that affect your community and organization.

    Business ethics refers to moral principles applied by organizations in different sectors of industry regardless of size (Moon, 2001). According to Moon (2001) Business ethics define the guidelines for what is considered appropriate and acceptable behavior by organizations when conducting daily business operations in their internal and external environments. Organizations play a significant role in society hence adopting an ethical approach in strategy formulation and implementation has become a necessary formula to induce corporate success and a positive corporate image. Moon (2001) references articles by several scholars and practitioners which attribute the pressure from government, employees, labor unions, regulatory bodies, and consumers for sound ethical business practices have led organizations to institute codes of conduct and sound operating principles within their various corporate cultures and structures. Today's organizations understand the importance of integrating into the fabric of their organizations, the concepts of personal and corporate accountability, corporate governance, corporate philanthropy, community service, and fiduciary responsibility (Moon, 2001).
    Reading and watching the news by various print and television media, it is clear that there have been an upward spike in concerns about business ethics in the past decade that begs the questions; has the business ethics in the corporate world lost its momentum and is it lacking the necessary vitality to spur corporate accountability and responsibility? Consider the recent wave of serious ethical lapses found in the national media ...

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    The expert examines business ethical issues. Three ethical issues within today's business environment that affects your community and organization are examined.