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    Top 5 ethical issues facing business managers today

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    I need assistance determining the top 5 ethical issues facing business managers today.

    The issues should be described in detail and then ranked according to literature in business management of by the importance placed upon them by the current media.

    In assessing a rank order, a justification must be provided for the ranking along with providing a source for the rank given.

    Finally, each ethical issue should be analyzed according to its impact on the field, relevance to current and future stakeholders, and suggested recommendations for improving such ethical issues, situations, or dilemmas should be provided.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 735 words with APA references

    //Business ethics is a discipline that explores the professional morals, behavior, and principles, which are applied in managing the day-to-day affairs. In this context, in this paper, the critical ethical issues have been explored that a manager encounters in day-to-day management.//
    Accounting Practice Ethics
    Accounting practice ethics is related to the moral behavior of the accounting professionals that is necessary for the discharge of their duties transparently and faithfully (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2009). Numerous corporate scandals that have happened in the past have given the highest importance to the ethics in the field of accounting and auditing; therefore, this ethical issue has been placed at the top of the list (Crone.com, 2016). In order to ensure ethical behavior in the accounting profession, the regulators from across the world should develop codes of ethics and make stringent provisions for the accounting professionals. Further, the reporting and legal compliance mechanisms should also be modified so as to ensure transparency and fairness in the field of accounting and auditing (Ferrell, ...

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    The top five ethical issues facing business managers today is examined. The response addresses the query posted in 735 words with APA references.