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Ethical Business Practices of Top Management

Top level managers, the so called C-Level managers, have a vast influence on the culture of organizations. How they behave and what they say is important is carefully watched by employees.

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In my writings, I cover the issue of the importance of C-Level managers (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.) setting the "tone at the top" when it comes ethics. How they view and practice ethics in all their dealings influences the organizational culture (how we do things here). In turn, this will influence behavior throughout the company.

Here is an example of unethical behavior and lessons learned. In 2010, Mark Hurd was forced out as CEO of big electronics HP because he violated a key component of the company's corporate culture -- "Uncompromising Integrity". Friday, August 6th 2010 business news headlines lit up with the resignation of HP's CEO. Then the details arrived -- Mark Hurd did not violate HP's sexual harassment policy. ...

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Explain why ethical business practices of top management is critical. Provide one example.